Oahu, Hawaii - What should I do?

Aloha and welcome back to another blog on Oahu, Hawaii. This time I wanted to talk about some of the excursions and experiences you can have on the island. Again, this is in no way a complete overview of everything you can do, but I do think most activities here are great for first-timers. Some of the activities do not have pictures because they were too long ago (and I cannot find them digitally) and before I cared about taking good photos. Oh! And know that I usually rent a

Oahu, Hawaii - What should I eat?

Aloha and welcome to my first blog, or guide rather, on visiting Oahu, Hawaii (a.k.a. O'ahu, Hawai'i)! I have been visiting Oahu for many many years now, since I have family on the islands and my parents love to travel. Oahu is becoming more and more jam packed with Japanese influence and fun activities. While it may be viewed as overpopulated and touristy, especially in comparison to the other islands, I still love Oahu for the variety of relaxation and excitement. You can n