Loving your Skin

Loving who you are inside is probably the hardest journey, but loving who you are on the outside is often the first hurdle to get over. After all, you stare at yourself every day. You are the first person you see every morning. So, you have to love what you see in order to have any sort of confidence to start the day right? I currently suffer from hormonal cystic acne, or more specifically ovulation hormonal cystic acne. As someone who grew up not wanting to be that girl with

Loving your Past

For my first blog on loving yourself, I thought I would start from the beginning. More specifically, I mean in order to love yourself you must first come to terms with your past and even go as far as loving your past. While your past does not define who you are now, it is how you got here and therefore should be respected and loved. When I say past, it includes months or even weeks ago all the way back to your childhood (as far as you can remember at least, which for me is la