Whittard of Chelsea

If you've traveled to London even once or received gifts from London, you most likely have heard of Whittard of Chelsea. The most popular gift from the United Kingdom is tea and biscuits (shortbread cookies to me). Whittard of Chelsea started back in 1886 during a huge boom in the British tea industry. Now Whittard is widely known for its strong selection of teas, classic British teapots and cups, and beautiful packaging perfect for gifting. The tea you can get from here ofte

Monmouth Coffee Company

Monmouth Coffee Company is my favorite coffee find in London so far. A lot goes into making the perfect cup of coffee or espresso. You need perfectly roasted beans, specific grinds, high quality water, creamy foamed milk, etc. Many places can do it well if they get even one step right. I feel Monmouth does all the steps right. Monmouth handpicks their beans and roasts in-house, which is a huge plus to me. Shows me they start from the beginning step themselves and ensure perfe