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Monmouth Coffee Company

Benches outside Monmouth Coffee Company

Monmouth Coffee Company is my favorite coffee find in London so far. A lot goes into making the perfect cup of coffee or espresso. You need perfectly roasted beans, specific grinds, high quality water, creamy foamed milk, etc. Many places can do it well if they get even one step right. I feel Monmouth does all the steps right.

Monmouth Coffee Co.

Monmouth handpicks their beans and roasts in-house, which is a huge plus to me. Shows me they start from the beginning step themselves and ensure perfection from the beginning. They have been in the roasting business since 1978, showing extensive experience and success. Their baristas are well trained, well informed and friendly. Finally, the café's style is modern and clean yet comfortable - perfect for on-the-go or sitting down for a casual cup and pastry. I love it when you can tell a coffee shop's focus is the coffee and everything that pairs with it.

Counter where you order, Barista bar where you pick up in the back

Fresh coffee beans for purchase

Stairwell down to lower level seating

Flat Whites are my favorite espresso drink and how I test the quality. I can taste the espresso beans and the barista's experience as well. Monmouth's baristas were able to get that velvety texture in the milk that I love, and they gave the right amount for a flat white (some places consider it basically a latte and give way too much milk and foam).

Flat White in 8oz. cup

This location near Covent Garden is close enough to the tube station yet far enough to get away from the tourist hype of the area. If you wish to stay in the café, simply tell the employees right when you walk in and they will have you wait along the right wall for a table to be free. The café is small, so you may have to wait 15-30 minutes. If you wish to take it to-go, just order and pay right when you walk in and your coffee will be called out by the barista on the raised counter straight ahead of you. I actually prefer to take it to-go because then I can get right back to shopping or even relax in the cute, colorful Neal's Yard (a courtyard hidden between the buildings right behind Monmouth). If Covent Garden is on your list to visit, Monmouth Coffee Company is a must stop for coffee!

Neal's Yard

Monmouth Coffee Company

27 Monmouth Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9EU

020 7232 3010

Monday-Saturday 8am-6:30pm (closed Sundays)

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