Paris, France - What should I do in three days?

Hi again! Back in April, Mike gave me a planned holiday to Paris as my birthday present. At the beginning of August, we finally went on this long-awaited vacation. The trip lasted about three and a half days. It was busy, but by the end I felt like I had seen everything I wanted to see and eaten everything I wanted to eat. Since this seems like a popular trip from the states, I figured I would briefly write down everything as I would recommend it all for first-timers. I will

Department of Coffee and Social Affairs

In case you haven't noticed, my goal here in London is to give you a good coffee and/or tea spot in every major part of the city. I am starting with the main touristy areas that you would most likely be in if you come for a visit. The Department of Coffee and Social Affairs is a chain, but I want to mention the one in Piccadilly Circus. Piccadilly Circus, the "Times Square of London," is one of the most famous intersections on the planet connecting 5 major London streets whil

Yumchaa Soho

One of the first cafés my boyfriend brought me to here in London was Yumchaa in Soho. It was actually one of my first full days exploring London and I asked him for some proper tea. We were in the middle of sightseeing on Oxford Street and he said he knew a favorite local chain unique to London. So we walked just a short block south of Oxford Street (about halfway between the tube stations for Oxford Circus and Tottenham Court Road) and found this cute and white tea shop with

Whittard of Chelsea

If you've traveled to London even once or received gifts from London, you most likely have heard of Whittard of Chelsea. The most popular gift from the United Kingdom is tea and biscuits (shortbread cookies to me). Whittard of Chelsea started back in 1886 during a huge boom in the British tea industry. Now Whittard is widely known for its strong selection of teas, classic British teapots and cups, and beautiful packaging perfect for gifting. The tea you can get from here ofte

The Monocle Café

The Monocle Café is my favorite café in an upscale part of central London called Marylebone. When you walk in, there are beautiful sweets and snacks on display that remind me of most modern cafés back in LA. This means lots of matcha green tea desserts, flaky pastries and avocado savories. The café seems like a local favorite, especially for meet-ups. It has lots of seating on the upper and lower floor, mainly two-tops. Every time I go I see people in suits and business casua

Monmouth Coffee Company

Monmouth Coffee Company is my favorite coffee find in London so far. A lot goes into making the perfect cup of coffee or espresso. You need perfectly roasted beans, specific grinds, high quality water, creamy foamed milk, etc. Many places can do it well if they get even one step right. I feel Monmouth does all the steps right. Monmouth handpicks their beans and roasts in-house, which is a huge plus to me. Shows me they start from the beginning step themselves and ensure perfe

Oahu, Hawaii - What should I do?

Aloha and welcome back to another blog on Oahu, Hawaii. This time I wanted to talk about some of the excursions and experiences you can have on the island. Again, this is in no way a complete overview of everything you can do, but I do think most activities here are great for first-timers. Some of the activities do not have pictures because they were too long ago (and I cannot find them digitally) and before I cared about taking good photos. Oh! And know that I usually rent a

Oahu, Hawaii - What should I eat?

Aloha and welcome to my first blog, or guide rather, on visiting Oahu, Hawaii (a.k.a. O'ahu, Hawai'i)! I have been visiting Oahu for many many years now, since I have family on the islands and my parents love to travel. Oahu is becoming more and more jam packed with Japanese influence and fun activities. While it may be viewed as overpopulated and touristy, especially in comparison to the other islands, I still love Oahu for the variety of relaxation and excitement. You can n

Surfin Cafe

I think it is about time I write about some favorite coffee and tea spots I have found here in the United Kingdom. I thought it best to start off with one closest to home that I visit at least once every week: Surfin Cafe. There are about 6 or so cafés in the middle of Biggleswade by the station. After trying each one, Surfin has everything I need in a local stop. Surfin has great homemade eats, such as sandwiches, cakes, and pastries. I was really excited to try local Englis

My English Castle

"An Englishman's home is his castle," or more commonly back in the states "a man's home is his castle." I wanted to share with you some differences in my lifestyle that have changed as a result of living in an English household. Most are for the better in my opinion, but some pose challenges that I now live with every day and adjust for. Keep in mind some of this is not entirely common in an English household, and my comparison back in the states is not always common as well.

Loving your Skin

Loving who you are inside is probably the hardest journey, but loving who you are on the outside is often the first hurdle to get over. After all, you stare at yourself every day. You are the first person you see every morning. So, you have to love what you see in order to have any sort of confidence to start the day right? I currently suffer from hormonal cystic acne, or more specifically ovulation hormonal cystic acne. As someone who grew up not wanting to be that girl with

My Immigration Checklist - U.S. to U.K.

Moving to a new country is never easy, even if everything runs smoothly, they speak the same language or you feel the culture is pretty similar. You will always hit some bumps in the road that you just didn't think of before and are completely unprepared for, or maybe you did think of it but your information is out of date and now you need to improvise. Government regulations and policies in this matter seem to change often no matter where you are, from simple forms being upd

Japan - What should I pack? What do I need to know?

I get a lot of questions about what to pack and specific information about the culture for first-timers to Japan. Japan was always number one on my list of international travel and in 2009 I was lucky enough to go there for the first time. Since then, I have been a couple more times, exploring the culture I love so much more and more. I still have not been to so many places on the island and intend to go there more in the future. I am definitely not an expert in this category

Alfred Coffee & Alfred Tea Room

Alfred Coffee + Kitchen But first, coffee. That is the tag line for the hipster coffee joint known as Alfred Coffee + Kitchen on Melrose Place in West Hollywood. Alfred represents everything that is hip in Los Angeles - great coffee, instagrammable artwork and space, and local support (they serve pastries and food from local favorites and partner with the next door neighbors Compartes Chocolate to offer unique desserts). Alfred can get pretty busy on Sundays with the local fa

Loving your Past

For my first blog on loving yourself, I thought I would start from the beginning. More specifically, I mean in order to love yourself you must first come to terms with your past and even go as far as loving your past. While your past does not define who you are now, it is how you got here and therefore should be respected and loved. When I say past, it includes months or even weeks ago all the way back to your childhood (as far as you can remember at least, which for me is la