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Yumchaa Soho

Yumchaa Soho

One of the first cafés my boyfriend brought me to here in London was Yumchaa in Soho. It was actually one of my first full days exploring London and I asked him for some proper tea. We were in the middle of sightseeing on Oxford Street and he said he knew a favorite local chain unique to London. So we walked just a short block south of Oxford Street (about halfway between the tube stations for Oxford Circus and Tottenham Court Road) and found this cute and white tea shop with floor-to-ceiling glass windows called "yumchaa".

Yumchaa Soho

Entrance to Yumchaa Soho

Inside you'll find a trendy, rustic interior with wooden community tables and the smell of fresh tea leaves. In the back is a cute alcove where a fireplace used to be and bricks lining the walls. At the front is a glass case full of homemade cakes and pastries that are much too inviting. Next to that are about 50 or more little glass, labeled vials of tea leaves. This is their cute way of displaying all the teas they have available and you can smell them before you purchase!

A lot of their teas are seasonal, so you may not get to try the same one I did. I had the Midnight Grey, an earl grey tea with some bergamot oil and lime pieces mixed in. I had this during last summer and it was a perfectly light and zesty black tea for the hot weather. Your tea is served in white porcelain, individual teapot/teacup combos with a strainer on the side. I love it when a place gives you the tea as fresh as possible. I just had tea during my visit but I intend to go back soon to try one of their delectable cakes...they look amazing and I've heard good things!

Midnight Grey tea

Yumchaa was a perfect little detour from the hustle and bustle of Oxford Street. We got to relax and enjoy a local cup of tea from a British company.

My boyfriend, Mike, in front of alcove

Yumchaa Soho

45 Berwick Street, Soho, London, W1F 8SF

Monday-Friday 8am-9:30pm

Saturday 9am-9:30pm

Sunday 10am-8pm

Yumchaa Soho

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