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I will soon be uploading blogs about my travels, favorite coffee and tea stops, and some personal details about my life that I hope can help or uplift others. I am 30 years old, a Los Angeles native and thereby United States of America citizen, a recent immigrant to the United Kingdom, recently unemployed, and have much to share.

I have split my blog up into four categories for now: Foodie (really coffee and tea spots only since that is my favorite and I explore them often), Travels, Culture Shock and Self-Love.

The Foodie category is coming off of my previous time in Los Angeles, California, United States. I was a food influencer for a couple Instagram accounts, restaurant review blogs, and magazines that highlighted special restaurants. However, the food scene in Los Angeles quickly became almost over-competitive and hard to keep up with. It was a lot of hustle and bustle just to stay relevant and on top of foodie events and new restaurant openings. With a full time job as well, the pressure kind of took the love for food out of me. Therefore, now in my new place starting fresh across the pond, I have chosen to go back to basics and only share what I truly recommend throughout my travels (and my new home of course) in my favorite food category: coffee and tea. I love sharing cafes with that perfect balance of ambience and delicious coffee and tea that warms your heart. And I am actually most inspired by shooting coffee and tea as well, so I will do my best to share this with you.

The Travels category is purely any little details from my travels that I have received questions on or I feel you may want to know if you are traveling. For instance, I receive a lot of questions about hot spots in Hawaii or New York City since I go to these spots every year. I also receive lots of questions about Japan since it is a hot destination as of late, and Japan in particular has a lot of locally known rules and preferences that I feel every traveler should know. So stay tuned here for any little bits, and pictures of course, from my travels!

The Culture Shock category is the most practical. I will purely be sharing here learnings from my new home in England and the steps I took to get here. For example, once I knew I was moving, I quickly started a Google Sheet checklist of every little thing I needed to research and take care of (legal paperwork, how I brought my cat over, customs specifics, visa options, changing over my resume to CV, etc.). I really hope this section in particular, as I have gotten a few questions on this as well, will help others.

Finally, the most important category: Self-Love. I am not very good at uplifting speeches or articulate charming words; I am very practical and cold most of the time. This category will be sharing parts about me that are very personal and challenging; things I have to work with and through every day. Loving yourself is still the hardest journey, and I found it really hard when I felt alone. Therefore, this category is here in hopes to remind that you are never alone and if any of these problems also apply to you, please feel free to reach out to the sources I mention for help or to me with any questions.

Please know that I am aware I am no expert in any of these categories as they are all experiences, and everyone goes through experiences in life differently and comes out of them learning something different. I simply am sharing a piece of me here and hoping it may help others and bring those that know me even closer. With certain things in life, it just always helps to know you are not alone and there is someone who you can share with.

Stay tuned for more and thank you!

Oh! And please let me know for anything I write if you disagree or have anything to share. Especially on the more practical posts, the more information the better and you will definitely know something I do not. And I love learning. :)


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